“HEAD SPACE” Brain Injury & Stroke Handbook – Revised Edition


Head Space, the best handbook available about Brain Injury FOR people with a Brain Injury and their friends, families and supporters.

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Head Space – Revised Edition.

Head Space was revised in 2017 and is the premium resource on brain injury and stroke FOR people with a Brain Injury and their friends, families and supporters.

Ninety people a day in New Zealand are affected by brain injury in some form and many are the result of concussion. That represents between 24,000 and 33,000 people in a year.

The most challenging aspect of a brain injury is that it is a hidden injury, depending on the severity, which means that the difficulties experienced by individuals and those around them are not always obvious to the public in general.

“Head Space” is a unique manual specifically designed to be used by people with brain injuries or strokes. Considerable care has been taken regarding the graphics, font, content, level of detail and overall layout so that readers receive the necessary comprehensive information in a manner that is understandable and not overwhelming. Claire Freeman and Bernadette Cassidy the authors of ‘Head Space’, spent over four years’ researching and developing the book through collaboration with the Brain Injury Association (Canterbury/West Coast), staff of the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service at Burwood Hospital and people who had sustained a brain injury.

Head Space is a useful guide to anyone seeking answers and provides comprehensive explanations and suggestions that will satisfy the majority of concerns. It is such a good pointer for people to take the next step in getting professional help if they haven’t already done so.

When a person is recovering from a brain injury, they and their families/whanau need access to a wide range of information and resources – this handbook is the first step in providing that information in a format that is easy to understand. Having the appropriate information about brain injury and the impact it has on a person can help remove the fear and stress associated with it.

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